Sharon Munro

Celebrant Services

Creating unique wedding ceremonies as individual as you are as a couple, is my passion as your celebrant.

Seeing couples enjoy their wedding ceremony, having a laugh and a cry, is heart-warming. These moments create memories that last a lifetime for both you and your guests.

Having a passion for helping couples create a wedding day to remember, fills my heart with even more love. This continues to grow, as I assist more couples to get married. Pairing all of my services makes total sense, to bring your wedding day together.

As your wedding celebrant, I will ensure that your day reflects your personality. I will personalise your wedding ceremony and include elements that you would like. Including these, will ensure that you both remember your wedding day for years to come.

Let’s chat about your wedding day. This will establish if we are a great fit. Then we can create your memorable wedding ceremony.  And as your friend, I will help you say ‘I do’.

Your wedding ceremony is a very special moment in your big day. It is an intimate moment that you will cherish forever. My wedding ceremonies will suit your style and calm any nerves.

My vast celebrant experience across Melbourne brings with it the ability to help see you through the day. From that first glance of the bride, to the signing of the certificate and beyond. Your wedding ceremony can be as formal or relaxed as you would like it to be.

Being a Melbourne celebrant I have officiated many ceremonies, traditional and unique.

My list of services can range from commitment ceremonies, naming days and renewal of vows.

Fun, modern and creative ceremonies by your local marriage celebrant begin here. With a variety of ceremony styles limited only by your imagination.

I will work with you to create your day to remember.

I am here for your ceremonies in the greater Melbourne area and beyond.

Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies in Melbourne are becoming become more popular by the day.

A commitment ceremony is a beautiful way to commit to your partner without any legals.  A commitment ceremony is universal and can be a great way to welcome a new family member or even a pet into your life.

Handfasting is a fun, century old ritual that signifies a commitment. We can add this ritual to your commitment ceremony or another that is unique to you if you wish.

I am always honoured when I am asked to officiate a commitment ceremony for a couple or family.

I welcome the opportunity to tailor it to your individual needs.

Renewal of Vows

It’s so special being able to celebrate your marriage and remind your partner that ‘we still do’.

A renewal of vows ceremony gives you the chance to do this after many years.

Whether you have been together for a long time, or you are wanting to re-declare your love. It is always a heartfelt ceremony without any legalities.

A renewal of vows ceremony can be only the two of you reconfirming your love for one another. Or a great way to recreate your more traditional wedding, with guests and a celebration.

The options are completely open and up to You.

Naming Ceremony

Are looking for a non-religious way to celebrate a new baby? Would you like to include members of your family? A naming day ceremony can be the perfect way to do so.

A naming day ceremony is unique to you and your baby. No two naming day ceremonies I have created are the same and that is what makes them so beautiful. I will sit down with you to plan out the ceremony and what you would like included in it. We can include things such as poems, bible verses, readings and naming day rituals.

Together we can create a ceremony that celebrates your little one. It can encompass the impact that they have on your world. It will be something for you to look back on as time goes by; naming days are always a very special occasion.

Virtual Ceremonies

With all the upheaval that we have encountered in 2020 and beyond. I am excited to be able to offer virtual ceremonies. Virtual ceremonies can include family and friends from near and afar.

It is a way to be able to connect everyone and bring them all together for the special moment.

These ceremonies are for many different celebrations. Including weddings, birthdays, milestones and many more.

Regardless of restrictions , it is a great addition to many weddings going forward. Giving them the ability to include anyone who can not make it. Or even another way to extend your guest list.

It’s a secret way to keep your wedding budget in check.

I love to create fun, personal and heartfelt ceremonies that tick all the boxes.

Wedding Rituals

A wedding ceremony includes legal parts that must be included. Apart from those parts, you can do pretty much include whatever you like when it comes to your ceremony.

Many couples choose to include rituals in their wedding. Whether it be for personal reasons, family heritage or for fun.
A few different rituals that we can incorporate into your ceremony include:

• Candle Lighting
• Cultural Rituals
• Hand Fasting Ceremony
• Readings/Poems read by friends or family
• Rose Ceremony
• Sand Ceremony
• Warming of the Rings

These rituals can also be incorporated into other types of ceremonies.

Let’s Elope!

Becoming more popular and more accepted in the community are elopements! There are many reasons people choose to elope in Melbourne and beyond. They are great for saving your wedding budget. I have been the celebrant for many small weddings. I have seen couples take advantage of the beautiful elopement locations around Melbourne.

Popular wedding locations are:

A local cafe, even your own backyards; with elopements in Victoria, anything goes!

A personal way to say ‘I do’ – elopements can be a private way to show your love for each other.

Why not continue the celebrations with a few close friends or meet them for a party afterwards.

This is up to you, doing it your own way can be a wonderful way to enjoy your memorable day.