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Just got engaged? Congratulations!

Planning a wedding can be a very exciting time so I have answered a few frequently asked questions for you to help get you started. As a Melbourne Marriage Celebrant and Wedding Planner I know weddings can be as unique as you want them to be and I love that! Not finding the answer you are looking for here? Get in touch and let’s chat; I love a unique wedding and even a themed wedding!

Wedding Planning

This can vary on what you as individuals are looking for.  There is not a set price for wedding planning as each wedding and wedding ceremony is different and unique. It is important to sit down and have a conversation about what you are looking for and aim to achieve from using a wedding planner and see what is included in my basic packages and get in touch.

Once I understand what you need I will be able to provide a detailed quote outlining the costs involved with planning your big day.

One of the great things about using a wedding planner is that they can actually save you money on the overall cost of your wedding. By having worked with many local wedding venues and suppliers across the industry I am able to negotiate the best deal for your wedding and forward those savings on to you.

Rather than having to source your suppliers individually, I am able to put them all together in a package that may just see you with leftover funds you can put toward the honeymoon or something special.

Planning a wedding can take up a large amount of personal time that could be better spent enjoying your engagement period!  Freeing up a large amount of your time and taking the stress off yourselves can allow you and your partner to have a more stress free lead up to your wedding day and ensure you both work toward meeting your dreams for your special day.

Planning a wedding can absolutely be done by yourself, however it can be very stressful and I find couples can be blindsided by some additions and costs that could otherwise be avoided to keep costs down and the stress out of the day and the planning process.  Using a wedding planner can help avoid hidden surprises, costs and stress.

A wedding planner can take care of part of the planning (that part you are struggling with) or the whole process, it is entirely up to you.  Having that extra support on the day can really help keep your day stress free and relaxed.

Celebrant Services

Much like with the wedding planning packages, it is difficult to provide a quote without first understanding your needs and wants from the day.  I welcome requests for shorter ceremonies as well as those that require a little more support throughout the day, or a mix of wedding planning and celebrant services.

After a detailed discussion about what you would like included in your ceremony I will be able to provide a quote with the full price and inclusions.

In Australia, legally you have to give one full month’s notice. This notice needs to be lodged via a NOIM (Notice Of Intention to Marry) form that is signed by you, your partner and your marriage celebrant.

The earlier you lodge your Notice of Intention to Marry form the better, it is best not to leave it until a few days before the month’s notice.

The simple answer is, the sooner you book  – the better. Melbourne marriage celebrants can be booked out months and years ahead, if it is a significant date such as Valentines Day that you want to get married on, it is always best to lock in your celebrant as soon as possible to ensure you get the right fit for you on the day.

Absolutely! I am honoured to be able to be part of such a special day for anyone who is ready to say ‘I do!’

Your wedding day is a big day, so it is understandable that you may want to have a practice run to make sure it all goes to plan.

I am a huge believer that wedding rehearsals are important and can make for a more relaxed and enjoyable day.

If you agree that a rehearsal will help you, the wedding party and those playing parts in the wedding to be at ease on the big day, then we can definitely put together a rehearsal. We will go through what will happen on the day and give everyone an understanding of how it will all come together; as well as answering any questions they may have.

I suggest allowing up to 2 hours for the rehearsal to take place, depending on the number of people included in the rehearsal and the different tasks that they have.

2 hours is normally more than enough time to help everyone feel at ease.

I do have vow templates that can be used as a part of the ceremony. However you are more than welcome to write your own vows. This gives a truly heartfelt feeling towards the ceremony and it gives you a chance to express yourself to your partner and your love for them.

I can assist with the writing of your own vows as well if you are struggling to piece your thoughts into writing.

I tailor each and every ceremony to the couple that I am marrying, which means if you would like to include other people in the ceremony this can be arranged. It could be a friend or family member reading a poem, a member of the bridal party reciting a bible verse, the use of ring bearers or attendees helping with various wedding rituals.

The main difference between the two types of ceremonies is that a wedding ceremony is legally binding whereas a commitment ceremony is not.

We can include many of the same things in both ceremonies. However if you want your marriage to be legally recognised then a wedding ceremony is required.

The length of your ceremony can vary depending on the inclusions that you would like and whether we are including readings or wedding rituals.

On average a ceremony typically lasts for 20-30 minutes.

Yes, definitely. Virtual wedding ceremonies are becoming more popular and for great reason. It is a way to be able to include family and friends who are not able to make it in person.

Those who are living interstate or overseas and are not able to travel can now be included in your special day.

Ready to get started?

The process of getting started is simple. There are a few ways to get in contact with me. You can contact me via this link.  We can connect in any way that suits you; book in a zoom call, or give me a call.  I am here to make the process as welcoming and as easy as it can be.

We can then have a discussion about what you would like help with for your wedding day, and how I can help make your big day special.

Once we have had our initial contact and briefly discussed your requirements, I believe it is important to meet in person and have an in depth discussion about your wedding day and what you would like included in it. We can catch up in person or via zoom depending on timing and what you prefer.

After this meeting, I will be able to put together a detailed quotation and inclusions list for you and your partner to look over and discuss prior to putting your plans in place.