How to choose your celebrant

How are you supposed to choose the right celebrant for you? What is the difference? There are so many! 

This is a great question and can seem a little confronting.  You want your wedding day to be perfect, so how are you supposed to choose the right celebrant or wedding officiant to ensure all goes to plan?

There truly are many fantastic celebrants to choose from, so here are some of my suggestions that I hope can assist in making your decision:

Do some research, look at their social media and websites, look at their content, pictures and blogs to see if their message resonates with you as a couple.

Do you feel a connection with the celebrant’s online presence?

Make time for a brief chat on the phone – I always encourage a phone call – Did you like the way the celebrant spoke and listened?  Are they available on your chosen wedding date? Did they sound sincere?  Did you feel a connection with them?

Ask some questions about the celebrants training – Did they have face to face training over a period of time or online training? What did they like the most and the least about their training?

What do they do differently to other celebrants?

The main thing is to ensure that you are comfortable with your choice, that you feel like you know them, you have decided that you like them and you trust in their service to ensure that your wedding day will be all that you could ever ask for.

I’m always happy to talk through your choices with you to help narrow your decision, quickly and easily.

Love Sharon xx

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