Should we have a wedding rehearsal?

This is a question that I get asked very often… 

Should we have a wedding rehearsal? My answer to this is absolutely Yes.  There are a number of reasons why I recommend that a rehearsal is arranged and as you read on, you will see why.

  1. Your timing will be impeccable and your grand entrance will be perfect
  2. It will ease your nerves and your bridal parties nerves, even just a little
  3. It will take out the guess work for everyone, especially if you are including children in your ceremony
  4. Your Dad (or person giving you away- if applicable) will be thankful, even if/she he doesn’t say it  
  5. It’s all about the choreography, getting this right beforehand, takes out the guess work and everyone will look less awkward.  (You wouldn’t perform a dance routine in front of a crowd without a practice run, would you?) (Your photographer and videographer will thank you for it)
  6. Your positioning will be sorted.  Standing in the middle of the arbour will look so much better in your photographs, also knowing who will be signing documents first and then where to stand why waiting is very helpful
  7. It allows the perfect opportunity for your bridal party to get to know each other
  8. It’s an opportunity to finalise any documentation
  9. It should be fun and a great excuse to enjoy the lead up to your wedding day
  10. You will have better photo’s!

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