The Great Valentine’s Day Debate

Would I dare to express an opinion either way? Most definitely not, each to their own!

The Great Valentine’s Day Debate – let me assure you – there is no debate here.

This is a day for couples in love, to choose to take part in, or not.  It is very much decided by each individual as to how they feel about it (I love freedom of choice) and if they wish to celebrate their love and admiration for each other on February 14th and pay all of the over inflated prices associated with it.  

Of course there is much debate as to why this day even exists, there is much mystery to its history, but what we do know is that it is very retail based. Many would argue, why they need one particular date to show their loved one how they feel, when they do this every other day in all sorts of different ways.

No matter what your take is on it, enjoy this day with your loved one.

Sending a huge congrats to all of those loved up couples that are celebrating their engagement today! 

Let me know what your opinion is of The Great Valentine’s Day Debate.

**If you are planning to book your wedding ceremony on  Sunday 14th February, I definitely recommend locking it in without delay. Pick up the phone and make the call to your preferred celebrant to simply touch base and check availability for your Valentines Day wedding.  This date will be booked out in no time.

Love Sharon xx

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