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Melbourne On-The-Day Coordinator for Weddings

At Sharon Munro Weddings, we understand that your wedding day is a culmination of months of planning and anticipation. Our affordable Wedding Day Coordination services are designed to ensure that your carefully crafted vision comes to life flawlessly. With Sharon Munro and her team by your side, you can relish in every moment. Knowing that the intricate details are being expertly managed.

Our professional Melbourne Wedding Day Coordinator services encompass a range of essential tasks that guarantee a seamless and stress-free wedding day.

From coordinating vendor arrivals and setup to overseeing the timeline and managing unexpected hiccups, Sharon Munro’s wedding day coordinator’s experienced touch ensures that you and your loved ones can fully immerse yourselves in the celebration.

Most couples spend between $1600 and $3800.

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Our approach to your Wedding Day Coordination
is rooted in personalisation.

Sharon Munro takes the time to understand your preferences, vision and the unique elements of your wedding. This enables her to execute your plans precisely as you’ve envisioned, while also having the flexibility to adapt to any last-minute changes.

With a commitment to making your wedding day not only beautiful but also seamlessly executed, our Wedding Day Coordinator services are a testament to her dedication to turning your dream wedding into a flawless reality.

Attention to Detail

Leave all the nitty gritty wedding day details with the professional and enjoy your best day ever!

Problem-solving Skills

An investment in a wedding day coordinator can save both your sanity and your wedding budget.

Calm Demeanor

You can savour each precious moment without worry. Our wedding planner / on the day coordinator are certified offering you peace of mind.


What is Wedding Day Coordination?
Wedding Day Coordination, also known as Day-of Coordination, involves a professional certified wedding coordinator overseeing the execution of your wedding plans on your actual wedding day. This service ensures that all the details you’ve meticulously planned are flawlessly executed. Allowing you to enjoy your day without the stress of managing logistics.
Why should we consider Sharon Munro Weddings for Wedding Day Coordination?

Sharon brings years of experience and expertise to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly. Her calm demeanor, attention to detail and problem-solving skills, enable her to handle any unexpected challenges. Whilst keeping your vision intact. With Sharon at the helm, you can relax and relish in the joy of your celebration.

What tasks are included in your Wedding Day Coordination services?

Our Wedding Day Coordination services encompass a variety of tasks. Including coordinating vendor arrivals and setup, managing the event timeline, assisting with the ceremony and reception transitions and addressing any unforeseen issues that may arise. Her goal is to manage the logistical aspects seamlessly, allowing you to focus on cherishing each moment.

How does Sharon personalise Wedding Day Coordination for each wedding?

We understand that each couple’s wedding is unique. We begin by getting to know your preferences, plans and the intricacies of your celebration. This allows us to tailor our coordination approach to align perfectly with your vision. Ensuring that your wedding day reflects your style and personality.

Do we need Wedding Day Coordination if we already have a wedding planner?

While a wedding planner focuses on the overall planning process, Wedding Day Coordination compliments this by ensuring that your plans are executed smoothly on the day itself. Having a dedicated coordinator like Sharon Munro and her team, allows you, your family and your planner to fully enjoy the festivities without having to worry about the details.

How early should we book Wedding Day Coordination services?
It’s advisable to book your Wedding Day Coordination services as early as possible to secure your date. Ideally, once you’ve established your wedding date and begun planning, reach out to discuss your coordination needs. This ensures that wecan adequately prepare and understand your wedding details.
Can you assist with destination weddings or weddings outside Melbourne?

Absolutely. Our expertise isn’t bound by location. We’re available to provide Wedding Day Coordination services for destination weddings and weddings in various locations. Get in touch to discuss the logistics and specifics of your wedding, regardless of its location.

On The Day Wedding Coordinator Melbourne MC Sharon Munro Weddings Belle Martin Photography Amanda and Victor

Photo from Amanda & Victor’s wedding

“Sharon is purely amazing! She went above and beyond for us to make our day as perfect as could be and we couldn't be happier with our choice to go with Sharon Munro Weddings!”

Amanda & Victor

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