Wedding season is back

With wedding season well and truly back into full swing, ok, I know numbers still aren’t infinite, but bookings are coming in thick and fast for all suppliers across the industry.  In fact, this wedding season will go down in history as record breaking, with the unprecedented amount of weddings booked with extreme short notice. Never have we seen such flexibility and room for negotiation, so I suggest using it to your advantage, especially when talking to venues.

If you have a particular date in mind, I highly recommend talking to your wedding celebrant and venue at a minimum, to check their availability.  If you can factor in flexibility with dates, venues and even your preferred ceremony and reception time, more options will be presented to you.  The golden factor that truly opens up flexibility, is the day of the week, if you choose a Friday, then you will get loads more bang for your buck.  Plus, your guests will love you for it!  Who doesn’t love a good excuse to leave work early on a Friday afternoon, especially for a wonderful wedding extravaganza.

This year has certainly disrupted our usual thinking and has forced many of us to think outside the square.  I have been so delighted to see such innovative ideas emerge, affecting all aspects of our lives positively.  Yes there is the flip side as well, but I choose to focus on what is before me and keep looking forward to a brighter future for everyone.

Take hold of this disruption, plan your dream wedding and as always, I’m here to help you in any way that I can.

Love Sharon xx

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