Congratulations On Your Engagement, Wedding Planning Here We Come

Celebrant Tips

Congratulations on your engagement! Such an amazing time that evokes feelings of so much love, excitement and begins many plans for your future. Families and friends are over the moon at such joyous news and want to tell everybody they talk to about your new intentions.

The first thing friends and family say is “When is the wedding ceremony?” When you have barely had time to catch your breath and enjoy your engagement.

Take your time, enjoy all of your moments as a couple and then start planning.

When the right to to plan comes along, I definitely recommend being organised. As your to-do list will seem quite overwhelming, especially at the beginning.

One thing that I will say is that – It’s never too early to book your celebrant!

Booking your wedding celebrant will take care of the legal side of things and you can then confidently work through the remainder of your list.

I am here to lighten your load and provide my 3 Top Tips on how to choose YOUR celebrant

Tip #1

Choose a celebrant, get to know them before you actually make contact.

Are they posting regularly on social media?

Look at their website, is it fresh and engaging? Do they have blogs?

Do they resonate with you as a couple?

Do you feel a connection with their online presence?

You can really learn a lot about a person before you make that first contact. In fact, many of my couples had already chosen me to be their celebrant, before I had even met them. You should definitely get a good feel for who they are as a person, by looking at all of those things I mentioned above and what they represent for you. You can follow them on all of their socials and I recommend even requesting them as a friend on facebook.

Tip #2

After you have done all of your research as mentioned in Tip #1 and you feel comfortable making contact, then this is your time to say hi and express your interest in talking about your wedding plans. Definitely don’t be shy about this, it is only a chat. I always welcome all questions about love and weddings by anyone. All of my consultations are obligation free! When you are talking to the celebrant, it is important that you feel that they match their online presence and that you still feel that connection with them, in fact, perhaps even more of a connection.

Tip #3

Once you have worked through Tip #1 and Tip #2, then you should feel confident to meet your wedding celebrant. This always remains obligation free for my clients and is a great way to see and hear the celebrant. You can do this either in person or via video conferencing eg. zoom. This enables you an opportunity to read their body language and further reinforce your decision about them. They should be engaging by asking YOU lots of questions and they should be open to answering as many questions as YOU have, about them. Don’t be shy, prepare a list of questions and ask away. The celebrant should be able to provide all of your required information and more! Once you have decided, then don’t delay, it’s time to book your wedding celebrant, this is really important to do, so that they don’t get booked by another couple for the same date.

Love Sharon xx


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